Reporters in this troubled land have always faced a tough task. But the return of the Taliban has crushed free speech and the work of the media
Pakistan said to be supporting alternative jihadi groups to undermine the Taliban and maintain leverage over Afghanistan.
The country’s former intelligence chief said the Taliban are torn between placating their foot soldiers and meeting Afghans' and the international comm…
For the Taliban, the repression of women is official policy. Are all those global heads of government who promised to hold the new Kabul regime to acco…
A rash of robbings, kidnappings, and even killings is aggravating Afghanistan’s dire situation.
On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Lynne O’Donnell joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to give an oral history of the war in Afghanistan.
Mansoor Ahmad Khan tells FP Afghanistan is more stable now, and he denies any Pakistani support for the militant group.
The Taliban say modern education is of no use as the country heads toward economic meltdown and starvation.
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