The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has put 9/11’s planners back in the terror cockpit.
The Taliban didn’t have to take over. But Washington made sure they would
But without unity, arms, or a safe haven, it’s an uphill fight against the Islamists in Kabul.
Shukria Barakzai saw the damage first-hand under the last regime when she ran secret lessons from her flat in Kabul.
Hunger and poverty stalk the nation, but the Islamists want to disappear women from public life.
Things could get even worse after the pandemic.
Since the Taliban takeover last August, members of the Afghan LGBTQ community have faced electrocution, torture, killings, and fear.
The Taliban’s jihadi friends are back to threaten global security.
But internal divisions and the Taliban get a vote, too.
The knock-on effects of Russia’s war on Ukraine are hammering wheat-dependent countries such as Afghanistan.
Multilateral talks in China this week shied from recognizing the Taliban, but Beijing is still playing ball.
Since the Taliban regained power, huge numbers have disappeared – including eight Britons and two Americans – with no recourse for their release.